The E Portal is a trademark of iProcure Ltd which is a team of Public Sector Procurement Consultants with decades of experience and expertise.

The E Portal was designed by consultants to remove the need for consultants and provide an affordable and accessible alternative for small and medium size business to get ‘Tender Ready’ and compete successfully for public sector contracts.

Whilst we think that The E Portal does that superbly and cost effectively, we also know that it will never be a complete replacement for the Consultant working 1 to 1 with a client on a specific project.

This is why we still offer Consultancy Services and E Portal Members can enjoy 5% discount on our rates.

Our Procurement consultants have years of experience on both sides of the fence and can provide professional services relating to particular contracts your organisation is tendering for or general procurement practices.

We can provide a range of services including:

  • Opportunity Targeting
  • Bid Strategy & Management
  • Tender Writing and preparation
  • Evaluation Criteria Modelling
  • Training – Understanding the tender process (& OJEU)
  • Pitching your Tender in the right place (Evaluation Criteria; Commercial Modelling; Risk allocation)
  • Improving your own Supply Chain through best practice Procurement
  • Management Consulting

Our Rates

  • On-site Procurement Consultancy/Training – £550 per day + expenses
  • Remote Procurement Consultancy/Training – £450 per day
  • Tender submission review & report – £400 one-time fee

For general procurement enquiries and questions, we encourage members to utilize the Expert Q&A Forum and purchase or earn question credits. Along-side the suite of E Portal tools and services, this is a very cost efficient solution.

Our consultancy services are appropriate only if you wish to  outsource your Tender Management or, require a staff training programme, or you require specific and dedicated consultancy for a particular strategic tender opportunity.

Straight from the horses mouth!
“We were able to go from not having a clue to Tendering successfully for a number of Public Sector Contracts within 6 months of using the E Portal tools. That’s less that £100, Amazing Value! The E Portal provides such good help, advice and information. We must have saved thousands in consultants fees.”
John Warren Warren Construction