Most Contracting Authorities utilize E-Tendering technology. E-Tendering is when a Tendering opportunity and process is managed wholly online via an E-Tender Portal.

Some Authorities have their own E-Tendering Portal, others belong to a group portal. Unfortunately there is not generally a consistent approach within the Public Sector which is why The E Portal provides its members with a comprehensive list (including direct links) to all the Contracting Authorities E-Tendering Portals across the Country.

“But I am already registered for TED and Contracts Finder Alerts, why do I need to know this?”

Well, firstly, not all opportunities, especially low value opportunities are advertised on TED or Contracts Finder. For contracts below the OJEU threshold value, Councils only have to follow their own standing orders (internal rules) when it comes to advertising opportunities. This might mean they only advertise on their own Portal or invite from pre-qualified providers already registered on their portal.

Increase your chances of winning the low value work – we recommend you at least register on the Portals in and close to your main working catchment area. These portals can be found in our E-Tendering Portal Directory.

The E Portals E-Tendering Portal Directory is nothing you couldn’t collate yourself if you were to trawl the web for a few days and had a good idea of where to look.

But we’ve done this for you and offered it as an additional benefit to all our other exclusive membership services that enables an all-in-one ‘Tender Support Package’ – from identification of the opportunity through to PQQ and Tender success.

With The E Portal membership, you can maximize your chance of tender success by utilizing our PQQ & Tender readiness tools to obtain vital GAP Analysis at the fraction of the price of consultancy services. You can also ask our expert advice through Q&A and gain access and discount to our Premium Services if necessary.

Straight from the horses mouth!
“We were able to go from not having a clue to Tendering successfully for a number of Public Sector Contracts within 6 months of using the E Portal tools. That’s less that £100, Amazing Value! The E Portal provides such good help, advice and information. We must have saved thousands in consultants fees.”
John Warren Warren Construction