E Portal members have access to a Q&A forum. In the forum members can ask each other unlimited questions and have unlimited discussion threads about Tendering experiences, issues and anything else they wish really (with-in the guidelines).

Members also get 5 Question Credits per month to ask our panel of Procurement experts direct questions about anything procurement/tender related.

Members can increase their Question Credits by successfully answering other members’ questions (this requires the member to mark the answer as “best answer”).

The E Portal Q&A Forum is the perfect place to discuss, share, learn from one another, get a better understanding of tendering and procurement issues and improve your public procurement tendering practices.

The Q&A Forum can be used to ask our experts questions relating to your Gap Analysis Reports or specific Tender Opportunity advice, or just Procurement or Tender process advice in general.

Additional credits can be earned (by answering other members questions) or bought for just £5 per credit. If you have a lot of questions and require particular advice on a project, our Premium Services might be better suited to you, alternatively, the Q&A Forum is great facility to get “expert nuggets” of information and knowledge for next to nothing..

Straight from the horses mouth!
“We were able to go from not having a clue to Tendering successfully for a number of Public Sector Contracts within 6 months of using the E Portal tools. That’s less that £100, Amazing Value! The E Portal provides such good help, advice and information. We must have saved thousands in consultants fees.”
John Warren Warren Construction