Once you are PQQ ready, you will be passing PQQ’s and being invited to Tender.

The Tendering process can be very daunting and time consuming. You can invest a huge amount of time, money and resources only to receive that “we regret to inform you…..” letter at the end of it.

The key to successful tendering is to pick and choose the right tenders, the ones you have best chance of success and to submit a competitive and hugely compelling Tender document that nails every aspect of the Tender Evaluation Criteria……. Yes, easier said than done.

The E Portal Tender readiness test is a 40+ question questionnaire that has been created by our most experienced public sector procurement experts that will inform us of how likely you are to compete well in a public sector Tender.

The questionnaire should be answered with a particular Tender Opportunity in mind. It will only take half an hour or so to complete.

When you submit a completed questionnaire you will receive a percentage score that indicates your ‘readiness and suitability’ level and a GAP Analysis Report that will inform you if you are targeting a suitable opportunity, how ready you are to compete and also provide feedback and recommendations to help you improve your company’s readiness score. This process will hugely increase your ability to select and win Public Sector Tenders in the future.

Your GAP analysis reports will be saved in your account archive, so as you resubmit after taking on the GAP analysis advice, you can see your progress and ensure that you are ‘Tender ready’ before wasting your efforts submitting sub-quality Tenders in a competitive market.

You can also ask our expert advice through Q&A and gain access and discount to our Premium Services if necessary.

This process is standard practice for consultants that will charge you hundreds of pounds per hour, but you will receive the same service as many times as you like for a minuscule monthly fee of £9.95  (and yes……. you can cancel your membership once you have received your score and report, but over 80% of our members retain membership for at least 6 months because they find the additional services and benefits far too useful).

Tender Success is a journey and The E Portal helps and supports our members every step of that journey.

Straight from the horses mouth!

“We were able to go from not having a clue to Tendering successfully for a number of Public Sector Contracts within 6 months of using the E Portal tools. That’s less that £100, Amazing Value! The E Portal provides such good help, advice and information. We must have saved thousands in consultants fees.”
John Warren Warren Construction